"Beth has enormous knowledge and experience—Calisthenics, weight training, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and everything else even remotely related to body development and sculpture. However, to me, her most important talent is something you are born with. She has the ability to see and apply her knowledge and experience to connect body alignment and balance which has a totally transforming effect." 

Shirley Luthman

"My wife and I have been working with Beth for many years. We have both seen our posture improve and our strength increase. I had back surgery many years ago and am amazed by how much more I am able to move, plus the variety of stretches and exercises I can do now. The repertoire keeps growing thanks to Beth!"

Sidney Goodwill

"I have worshipped at Beth Zamichow's altar of 'Let's Keep You Well and Kicking' for more years now than I've been alive. She brandishes her whip well, not only in fitness and weight training, but also torques and bends you joyfully in Yoga and Pilates. She's humorous and easy to work with."

Catherine Coulter

"I have worked with Beth for many years. Her knowledge base is immense, her technique astounding and I love how she makes sure you are always protected. I get to learn how to move my body in a safe way. It is fantastic to get strong as well as long and lean. I wholeheartedly recommend Beth to anyone that wants to move with more fluidity."

Shelah Norman